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Now I see why…


Hoo Needz EZperience wen u has Geographies?

Lolbama nose hiz geographies!

Lolbama nose hiz geographies!

Democrat Assassin Crab, under cover!

... a bit of silliness (aka, wasilliness)

... a bit of silliness (aka, wasilliness)

… I’m pretty sure he’s the one that done in the bear.

Finally, they can say “Yes, we can”… and mean it!




Suppose the first picture was real, though … what was the “scandal” supposed to be? Heck, just a few months ago some were slobbering over this :

Obama celeb glam photo with the stars

The Lonely Guy on teh Internets!

Found this one on the ‘net. Created by some guy that assumes off-camera clothing must not exist.

Best Veep Photo Op Ever!

Sorry - can't see Obama, Biden or Hillary doing this...

Obama, Biden or Hillary would never be in this picture

Welcome to LOLPalins!

Lolpalins will be coming shortly … stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, enjoy them here.